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Yabbies – a novel

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Book - Yabbies (a novel)

Full title: Yabbies – a novel (Fragments: possession, passion and purpose)

Published: June 2011

ISBN: 978-1-906681-32-6

Price: £9.95

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“Yabbies. Funny little things, all in their own world at the bottom of the dam. A bit like us, ain’t they? Can’t see a thing for all the mud in the water; bits and pieces drift down, in any old order, all out of sequence, an’ we have to make sense of them as best we can.”

This unusual novel explores ideas about sustainability from a different angle: that we can’t achieve a sustainable world without a system of law that fully supports it. To make that happen, we would need truly revolutionary change in the way we see our world: a refocus of passion from possession to purpose. In some ways, as one of the characters here explains, we may not have much choice:

“The whole system is so fragile that there’s a real risk it could collapse at any time, in a really big way. Those problems are inherent in the system, so to speak, so that the whole thing is held together by little more than wishful thinking.”

But what would happen if only some countries made that change – and others didn’t? What would happen to trade, to international relations, to everyday living? How would they deal with each other’s business-visitors, or tourists? Yabbies explores these themes through story-fragments, each piece as if drifting down to us through the waters of time, different characters describing their own worlds and experiences each in their own unique voice. And perhaps a little magic, too.

Yabbies first appeared more than a decade ago as YABI – Yet Another Book Idea. Although it has taken many forms over the years, as an interactive website, screenplay, annotated text and more, this is its first time available as a conventional novel. This new edition includes a background section on the ideas and principles behind the story, and also a suggested timeline to link the fragments together.

Author Tom Graves is best known as a writer on a broad range of non-fiction topics – from the structure of organisations to the structure of magic, and much more besides. He applies the same perceptive eye and acerbic humour to this story, using fiction to explore some of the deep-questions and ‘undiscussable’ themes of the present day.

Power and Response-ability

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Book - Power and Response-abilityPublished: July 2008

ISBN: 978-1-906681-14-2

Suggested price: £25.00

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“Many of the common concepts of power in business are so close to perfectly wrong that it’s amazing any work happens at all…”

The physics definition of power is ‘the ability to do work’; most social definitions are closer to the ability to avoid it. This insight provides opportunities for a radical re-think of power and response-ability at work. Linking the human side of systems into the architecture of the enterprise creates workplaces that are more effective, empowering and profitable for everyone involved. (more…)

Bridging the Silos

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Book - Bridging the SilosPublished: December 2008

ISBN: 978-1-906681-02-9

Suggested price: £25.00

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For more than a decade, enterprise architecture has been comfortably ensconced within the IT domain. Yet in many organisations, the gap between business and IT is more like a gaping chasm, whilst some other silos are more like separate worlds. To gain the best business benefits from architecture, it’s time to move out, bridging the silos to link everything the enterprise is and does.

This book provides a structured ‘conversion course’ for IT-architects wanting to get to grips with the much broader scope of enterprise-scale architecture. (more…)

Books – Social Challenges

Friday, April 18th, 2008

The Social Challenges series presents new and challenging perspectives on social, political and economic themes.