Doing Enterprise Architecture

Book - Doing Enterprise Architecture

Full title: Doing Enterprise Architecture: process and practice in the real enterprise

Published: April 2009

ISBN: 978-1-906681-18-0

Price: £25.00

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When you’re doing enterprise architecture, what should you actually do, in what sequence, for what business purpose? What skills and leadership do you need? What results should you expect? And how can you prove the business value of what you do?

For process and practice in the real enterprise, frameworks and methodologies such as TOGAF, FEAF and Zachman will all help, but it’s these practical concerns that often matter most. And that’s what this book will show you.

Topics covered include:

  • how to extend existing IT-centric architecture to the whole of the enterprise
  • how to identify business vision, values, structure and purpose, and include these as core anchors for your enterprise architecture
  • how to map business functions, services, information-systems and process flows across the whole enterprise
  • how to respond to changes in strategy, regulation, market and environment
  • how to plan for business-continuity, disaster-recovery and risk-management
  • how to tackle intractable ‘wicked problems’ in the business context
  • how to keep maintaining and extending the agility and value of the architecture

If you want to bring your enterprise architecture practice to its full business potential, this is one book you’ll definitely need.

Tom Graves has been an independent consultant for almost three decades, in business transformation, enterprise architecture and knowledge management. His clients in Europe, Australia and the USA cover a broad range of industries including banking, utilities, logistics, engineering, media, telecoms, research, defence and government. He has a special interest in architecture for non-IT-centric enterprises, and integration between IT-based and non-IT-based services.

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