Function-model Visio template for ‘Service-Oriented Enterprise’

Extract from Service-Oriented Enterprise

.ZIP archive containing shapes-stencil, base template and ‘how-to’ instruction document, for creating a Business Functional Model (or Enterprise Function Model) in Visio 2003, as described in the book The Service Oriented Enterprise.

Published: 26 January 2009

Download: free – click [drain file 22 url here] (ZIP archive, [drain file 22 size]). The archive contains the following four files:

  • function-model.vss (Visio 2003 stencil to create function-models)
  • function-model-howto.doc (Word document describing the function-model process)
  • function-model-tpl.vst (Visio 2003 base-template for function-models)
  • README.txt (contents-description)


  • released under Creative Commons printing CC-BY-NC-ND licence
  • may be copied for personal use

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  1. Simon Modera Says:

    Thanks Tom – will have to look at these in the office – dont have visio @ home

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