The Disciplines of Dowsing

Book - Disciplines of DowsingPublished: September 2008

ISBN: 978-1-906681-08-1

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Dowsing is a core skill throughout the ‘alternative’ fields, especially in healing and in earth-mysteries studies – sensing patterns and energies in the landscape to extend our understanding of the past and provide practical value in the present.

Yet whilst there are many introductory texts for beginners, there has been almost nothing that tackles the deeper disciplines of dowsing – the systematic practices and processes to take your skills beyond the beginner level. This book addresses that essential need.

In a lighthearted, engaging and refreshingly open style, two of the most experienced dowsers in present-day earth-mysteries research – writer Tom Graves and archaeographer Liz Poraj-Wilczynska – explain what can and does go wrong in dowsing practice, and what to do to get it right. They guide you past the pitfalls that cause so many dowsing problems, and show you how to improve the reliability of your results. You’ll explore how to:

  • use the Four Disciplines of Dowsing – artist, scientist, mystic and magician
  • switch between the disciplines in seamless practice
  • use psychology and physiology of perception to enhance your awareness
  • avoid the Seven Sins of Dubious Discipline – hype, newage and the like
  • know how, where, when and why to use, or not use, your dowsing skills

This book also introduces a new technique of deviceless dowsing, using GPS technology to map intuitive sensings and their locations at any dowsing sites.

Illustrated throughout with useful anecdotes and exercises, this is one book you’ll want to keep close to hand whenever you use dowsing in your work.

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2 Responses to “The Disciplines of Dowsing”

  1. tula ferrari Says:

    thanks, for your info. I’ll get the book …
    I’m interested in geopatic stress and how to compensate it, heal it with earth acupunture…
    have you got any info on this?
    I’ve done some architecural and contours drawings with autocad and I’d like to put all my skills together

  2. Bonifer Says:

    Ah, a remnant of the original fabric! Let the re-stitching begin! Thanks for sending this my way, Tom. I’ll check it out.

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