SEMPER and SCORE preview e-book

E-book of SEMPER and SCORE

Preview e-book of SEMPER and SCORE (contents and sample chapters)

Published: 11 July 2008

Download: free – click [drain file 13 url here] (PDF [drain file 13 size]).


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2 Responses to “SEMPER and SCORE preview e-book”

  1. John G√łtze Says:

    Download of PDF doesn’t work :-(

  2. Tom Graves Says:

    Many apologies – I’ve been caught out by a nice ‘feature’ in the download mechanism – discovered it does indeed work if you right-click to download (which I’d always done), but not if you just click as instructed. Oops.

    Many thanks for pointing this out! – I will fix up the other entries straight away.

    Very interested in your work, and will follow up on Gary Doucet’s work, too.

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