Bridging the Silos

Book - Bridging the SilosPublished: December 2008

ISBN: 978-1-906681-02-9

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For more than a decade, enterprise architecture has been comfortably ensconced within the IT domain. Yet in many organisations, the gap between business and IT is more like a gaping chasm, whilst some other silos are more like separate worlds. To gain the best business benefits from architecture, it’s time to move out, bridging the silos to link everything the enterprise is and does.

This book provides a structured ‘conversion course’ for IT-architects wanting to get to grips with the much broader scope of enterprise-scale architecture.

Topics covered include:

  • how to leverage existing skills with IT-architecture tools such as Zachman, TOGAF and PRINCE2
  • how to resolve differences of structure and scope between IT-architecture and enterprise architecture
  • how to adapt existing IT-centric frameworks and methodologies for this broader role
  • how to align architecture with enterprise-wide governance
  • how to define, create, share and update the appropriate architectural information

If you want to take your enterprise-architecture skills to a whole new level, this is one book you’ll definitely need.

Tom Graves has been an independent consultant for almost three decades, in systems development, knowledge management, business transformation and enterprise architecture. Also recognized as one of the pioneers of desktop publishing, his clients in Europe, Australia and the USA have covered a broad range of industries including banking, utilities, logistics, engineering, print and publishing, telecoms, research, defence and government. He has a special interest in architecture for non-IT-centric enterprises, and integration between IT-based and non-IT-based services.

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  1. John Polgreen Says:

    What I can visualize is a decision point after Phase A. If the EA project is heavy in IT, it could enter Phase B of the TOGAF 9 ADM, taking advantage of all its detail. If the project were light on IT and heavier on non-IT elements, the project could enter Phase B of your adapted ADM.

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