Elements of Pendulum Dowsing

Book - Elements of Pendulum DowsingPublished: May 2008

ISBN: 978-1-906681-04-3

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Dowsing is a way to use your body’s own responses to find fresh answers for practical questions. The most popular tool for dowsing is a pendulum – anything from a ring on a string, a crystal pendant or a builder’s plumb-bob. Although the basics can be learnt in a matter of minutes, the real skill is in learning to make sense of the subtle responses that ascend from our inner knowing – and it’s that part of dowsing that is the main focus of this book.

Exploring the elements of pendulum dowsing, this book shows how to develop your own dowsing skills and put them to practical use in your home, in the field and even working from maps and diagrams. You’ll find answers to:

  • can anybody dowse?
  • what is a pendulum?
  • how do you dowse?
  • how can you use dowsing in the everyday world?
  • is there a scientific basis for dowsing?
  • what is the connection between dowsing and the mind?

You’ll not only learn a valuable skill that you can use in every part of your life – you’ll enter into a new and magical world of fascinating possibility.

Author Tom Graves is one of the best-known experts in dowsing and earth-mysteries. His bright, engaging style and unique blend of wit and wisdom, clarity and calm insight has helped many thousands of people discover their own inner strengths and capabilities.

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  1. Chris Says:

    It looks different from the edition I have.
    I enjoy Tom Graves’s down to earth dowsing style, although I don’t agree with all of his critical comments on energy dowsing.

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