The dowser’s workbook

Book - The Dowser's WorkbookPublished: May 2008

ISBN: 978-1-906681-06-7

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Dowsing is a way of using your body’s own reflexes to interpret the world around you. By establishing what your reflex responses mean, it is possible to find hidden objects, to understand things more clearly, and to develop new and better ways of decision-making.

The dowser’s workbook is a complete step-by-step course through which the beginner can learn the ancient art of dowsing, and experience the benefits its practice can bring. Author Tom Graves, a leading modern authority in the field, uses over a hundred specially-designed systematic exercises to teach the techniques of dowsing. These will show you how to make and use simple tools, and more advanced routines that will help you refine and master your dowsing skills.

A manual which will appeal to dowsers of all levels, the workbook demonstrates how you can:

  • locate lost possessions and missing persons
  • dowse for underground water
  • pinpoint allergies and illnesses
  • predict the weather
  • confidently make vital decisions

Putting the exercises into practice, you’ll not only learn a skill that you can use in every part of your life – you’ll enter into a magical world of potential and possibility.

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